Part 5 : AX SSRS Reporting: Report Development IDE


In this post, let us walk through basics of AX SSRS Reports development IDE.



  1. AX 2012 should be installed with Reporting extensions
  2. SSRS should be installed.
  3. VS tools should be installed

For detailed installation and deployment please follow the detailed MSDN article.


Creating an AX SSRS Report Project

Below are the steps to create a project:

  1. Open Visual Studio.
  2. Go to File à New Project. A dialog opens
  3. Select Microsoft Dynamics AX on left hand side menu, on right hand pane select Report Model.
  4. Give a name and select a Location. Click Ok. This should create the project


5.  To add a Report , Right click on project –> Add –> Report


6. Your report should be added now.



Report Development IDE Explained

Once you have added a report in a Report project you should see the following on the left hand side as shown in the screenshot above. These are:

  1. Datasets: Any dataset(s) that are used in report. A single report can have one or more data sets from one or more sources.
  2. Designs: Any design(s) that are used in the report. A report can have one or more designs.
  3. Images: Any Image(s) that are used in report. Can Zero or more.
  4. Data Methods: Any C# data methods that are used by report. Can be Zero or more.
  5. Parameters: Any parameters that are used by report. These contains default framework parameters, Query parameter, Contract parameters, and UI parameters.

– Girija





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